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No. 논문구분 학술지명 제목 게재년월
54 SCI JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY Anticancer effects of Ixeris dentata (Thunb. ex Thunb.) nakai extract on human melanoma cells A375P and A375SM

Lee HN, Shin SA, Choo GS, Kim HJ, Park YS, Park BK, Kim BS, Kim SK, Cho SD, Nam JS, Choi CS, Jung JY

53 SCI Oncotarget HIF2 alpha/EFEMP1 cascade mediates hypoxic effects on breast cancer stem cell hierarchy

Kwak JH, Lee NH, Lee HY, Hong IS, Nam JS

52 SCI STEM CELLS Peroxiredoxin II Is Essential for Maintaining Stemness by Redox Regulation in Liver Cancer Cells

Kwon T, Bak Y, Park YH, Jang GB, Nam JS, Yoo JE, Park YN, Bak IS, Kim JM, Yoon DY, Yu DY

51 SCI HEAD AND NECK Convallaria keiskei as a novel therapeutic alternative for salivary gland cancer treatment by targeting myeloid cell leukemia-1

Lee HE, Nam JS, Shin JA, Hong IS, Yang IH, You MJ, Cho SD

50 SCI Oncotarget CWP232228 targets liver cancer stem cells through Wnt/beta-catenin signaling: a novel therapeutic approach for liver cancer treatment

Kim JY, Lee HY, Park KK, Choi jk, Nam JS, Hong IS

49 SCI Scientific Reports The Wnt/beta-catenin signaling/Id2 cascade mediates the effects of hypoxia on the hierarchy of colorectal-cancer stem cells

Dong HJ, Jang GB, Lee HY, Park SR, kim JY, Nam JS, Hong IS

48 SCI Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry TGF-β Type I Receptor Kinase Inhibitor EW-7197 Suppresses Cholestatic Liver Fibrosis by Inhibiting HIF1α-Induced Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition

kim CH, kim DK, kim JS, kim MJ, Nam JS, Park SA, Park SY, Sheen YY

47 SCI Scientific Reports TIMP-1 mediates TGF-beta-dependent crosstalk between hepatic stellate and cancer cells via FAK signaling

kim MJ, Park SY, kimJS, Lim W, Nam JS, Sheen YY

46 SCI Oncotarget Combinatorial TGF-beta attenuation with paclitaxel inhibits the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and breast cancer stem-like cells

Park SY,Kim MJ,Park, SA, Kim, JS, Min, KN, Kim DK, Lim W, Nam JS, Sheen YY

45 SCI International journal of nanomedicine Targeting cancer stem cells by using the nanoparticles

Hong IS, Jang GB, Lee HW, Nam JS